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Do you fancy venturing around the historic Caribbean or kayaking in the Norwegian fjords? Sightseeing on a city break or getting under the skin of local Mediterranean culture? Do you want a large ship or one that’s a bit more intimate? There are quite a few decisions to make but to help you find the right cruise for you, we’ve listed the main factors to consider: 

1. How long?


Cruise durations vary, so it’s up to you how long you want your holiday to last. Do you want to dip your toe in the water and see what cruising’s all about? Why not start off with a Short Break of 3 to 5 nights to destinations such as lively Amsterdam or romantic Bruges (from Zeebrugge)? Or, if you’re looking to escape for anywhere from a week to a fortnight, you can choose from a whole range of getaways including Northern European City Escapes, Northern Europe and Scandinavia, the Mediterranean or the Norwegian Fjords. We even have holidays that take you to North America and Canada if you wanted to cross those off your bucket list.


Looking for somewhere a bit more exotic? You can explore places like the Caribbean and maximise your time with a fly-cruise. By flying straight to your ship, you can pack more sightseeing and adventure into your holiday.


Or, if time is no issue, why not visit multiple places around the world with a P&O Cruises Grand Tour or World Cruise? With this kind of holiday, the world really is your oyster.

View of Dubai

2. Where to?


So, you’ve decided on your preferred region… But what now? We know that everyone wants something different from their holiday so, once you know which area of the world you want to explore, you can look for a cruise itinerary that ticks all your boxes. For example, you’ve decided you want to cruise to the Med: are you planning on taking in the historical sights, exploring unique landscapes or stretching out and soaking up the sun on blissful beaches? Or maybe you want a holiday where you can do all of the above. By looking through our rich itineraries, you can see which destinations will give you what you’re looking for from your holiday.


These itineraries can be found here

3. Which ship?


We have seven ships in the P&O Cruises family and each one brings something special to your holiday. Are you travelling with children? If so, a family-friendly ship will be perfect with lots of things for them to do on board. If you’re travelling just as a two, or maybe even on your own, and are searching for a bit of peace and quiet, our ships exclusively for adults will offer the tranquillity you’re after.


And then there are our newest ships, Arvia and Iona, which are specifically designed to let the outside in like never before. With their SkyDomes and luminous, wide-open spaces, these ships are perfect if you’re looking for a cruise where you can take in the stunning surroundings from almost every angle on board. From Northern European City Escapes, the Norwegian Fjords or the Med, Caribbean and Spain and Portugal and the Canary Islands, these Excel class ships are sure to impress.


Whichever ship you feel suits you best, you’ll be treated to the same P&O Cruises experience. Whether it’s family friendly or exclusively for adults, we have a ship for every occasion and style. Find your ideal ship here.