Fall in love with these epic Valentine’s Day destinations


Next Valentine’s Day, the world is your oyster. From the Caribbean to Spain, these beautiful destinations visited by P&O Cruises on or around 14 February 2022 have more than a touch of romance about them.

1. La Coruña, Spain

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, and where better to pick up a sweet treat than La Coruña, where paper cones of hot, sugary churros and pots of melted chocolate for dipping can be sourced at every market stall and café in the city. Head to Ciudad Vieja, La Coruña’s old town, where you’ll find the best churros sold at Mercado de San Agustín. Buy yourself or your loved one a cone and wander through the pretty cobbled streets to San Carlos gardens to enjoy your chocolatey treat.

2. Curaçao, Caribbean

The colour pink has long been associated with Valentine’s Day and romance in general but, in Curaçao, pink is more than just the colour of romance. Bright fuchsia flamingos head to Curaçao from neighbouring Bonaire to feast on brine shrimp, their favourite dish, which they gulp from Curaçao’s salt pools (salinas). You’ll often spot large numbers of flamingos at the Jan Kok salt flats and almost certainly at the flamingo sanctuary Sint Willibrordus. Fun fact: did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?

3. Auckland, New Zealand

In Māori, the language of New Zealand’s indigenous people, the city of Auckland is known as Tāmaki-makau-rau, meaning ‘land of a hundred lovers’. This is actually due to its lush and fertile land rather than any romantic connotations, but it’s a lovely association all the same. You’ll have a full day and night to explore Auckland on Aurora’s World Cruise, which stops in the city on 14 February 2022. That’s enough time to take in the city’s best views from Sky Tower, the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere. Or from Mount Victoria just outside of the city, which offers spectacular views of North Shore city, the gulf and Auckland City as well as remnants of the Kawerau tribe fortifications.

4. Antigua, Caribbean

In Antigua it’s the beaches you’ll fall for. They’re soft, white-sanded and silky, so take a stroll on the longest of them all to soak up views of turquoise blue water and swaying palms for as long as possible. When it comes to length, 17-Mile Beach takes the prize, but there are so many to choose from – one for every day of the year in fact – that you’ll have to do some serious research before choosing which one to lay your towel down on for the day. Our top choices are Fort James, Deep Bay, Galley Bay and Hawksbill.

5. Roatán, Honduras

On Roatán, a sliver of land off the coast of Honduras, you’ll fall helplessly in love with nature. This tropical paradise island is set on a coral reef, so the snorkelling is phenomenal, but there is so much to explore on land too. Pay a visit to the stunning botanical gardens, or to the butterfly gardens – sure to set hearts a flutter. Elsewhere, Arch's Iguana and Marine Reserve shouldn’t be missed for the opportunity to stroll alongside free-roaming lizards in a protected tropical haven.