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There's so much to do onboard a P&O Cruises holiday; from pools, spas, bars, boutiques, theatres, speciality restaurants, guaranteed sea views. Cruise life is an unforgettable experience in itself. Discover the latest on-board news across our fleet and keep an eye on this page for some serious cruising inspiration that will make you want to set sail with us very soon.

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Cruise life inspiration

Explore what cruising is all about and discover what you can get up to onboard.

A haven of pampering and relaxation

And relax... we have everything you need for total wellbeing on board.

Discover a world of show-stopping entertainment onboard

When dusk falls, it's time to play and your ship begins to come alive with the hum of conversation and music, so you can be sure of a memorable night.

Great memories are on the menu

Simply put, we love food. Not just for what it is, but for what it brings with it: exquisite surroundings, great company and conversation, and of course, fine wines from around the world.

Going ashore

Iconic sights, awe-inspiring scenery and compelling local cultures - each port of call is brimming with exciting possibilities. To help you experience the very best from your destinations, P&O Cruises offers a diverse selection of excursions ashore, from leisurely sightseeing to exciting activities.

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