Northern Lights Cruises

We get the odd glimpse of the Northern Lights here at home, but Norway is where they truly sparkle.

A spectacular experience

There's no better way to experience their iridescent beauty than from the deck of one of our ships. Aurora Borealis is most likely to be visible between September and April, so this type of cruise is made for winter months, giving you the best chance to view Mother Nature's very own light show. And to add to the spectacle, you can also marvel at Norway’s mighty fjords.

In search of the Northern Lights


Close to some of Norway’s most iconic mountains -if hiking or climbing appeals, head for the Romsdalseggen ridge. Look out for Mardalsfossen (one of Europe’s tallest waterfalls) & see the Trollveggen (Troll Wall).


Alta claims the title of ‘The town of the Northern Lights’. The first Northern Lights observatory was built here back in 1899. Look forward to snow mobile safaris, dog sledding and a warm and friendly welcome.


Steeped in Norse history, Stavanger has been dubbed the ‘Cradle of the Vikings’. Also known as Norway’s gastronomic capital, you’ll find restaurants, cafés & coffee shops all serving the best in Norwegian cuisine.


Tromso is a small, lively town in Norway’s frosty north and is a great place to see the Northern Lights. Also renowned for its wildlife, you’ll be able to spot puffins, musk oxen, sea eagles and whales.