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We can’t wait to welcome you on board. Here you’ll find everything you need to know for your upcoming holiday; from checklists to vaccine policies, getting to the terminal to My Holiday. If you don’t see details specific to your upcoming holiday, please bear with us as we’ll be updating this page as things evolve. We’ll also be sending information directly as your holiday approaches.

*Please note, entry requirements into the UK are subject to change. To ensure you are compliant with the UK Government’s guidance on re-entering the UK, please check the latest guidance here.


Watch our new step-by-step holiday guide

We know there’s been a lot of new information about travel in the current climate. To make things as straightforward as possible, we’ve put together a series of short videos featuring our Food Hero Olly Smith.


1. Before you board

Holiday checklists

Online check-in

In the days before your holiday, you can check-in online – meaning you can start your holiday quicker! Once checked in, you’ll need to print your boarding pass, luggage labels and e-tickets. To complete online check-in at My P&O Cruises you’ll need:

  • Your booking reference
  • Passport details
  • Passport-style photos for each guest
  • Payment card

Are your details up to date?

Please make sure your personal details are up to date on My P&O Cruises. If setting sail from Southampton, we need your mobile number because your results from the COVID-19 test at the terminal will be delivered to your phone. And your address is important as should another member of your group who lives at a separate address be denied boarding during pre-cruise screening, you’ll still be permitted to board if it’s confirmed you don’t live together. 

Linked bookings

Are you travelling with friends and family on a different booking? Link your bookings that way if one member of your group tests positive for COVID-19 and is unable to board, you’re also able to opt to cancel your booking. You’ll receive a non-refundable Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for the value of the cruise. Please note that this FCC is not ABTA or ATOL protected until a new booking is made. We’ll also automatically refund any pre-cruise purchases made via My P&O Cruises. 

To link your bookings, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 0344 338 8003 (local call charges apply) or speak to your travel agent. If you booked your cruise as part of a wider holiday package, please contact your travel provider for information relating to their policies.

Travel insurance

It’s mandatory for all UK guests to have comprehensive cruise-specific travel insurance when you sail with us. Whilst we hope you never have to claim, the policy will ensure you’re able to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing you’re protected should you need it. When travelling with us, your insurance must include medical cover of £2 million minimum and cover for emergency evacuations and medical expenses related to COVID-19. Your policy must also include cover for repatriation, cancellation and curtailment and full cover for any and all pre-existing medical conditions worldwide, or as a minimum, in the countries you’re due to visit.

You’ll be asked to confirm you have travel insurance at the terminal/airport and you may need to provide proof of your policy. It’s your responsibility to have appropriate cover in place. Unfortunately, you will be denied boarding at your own expense if you don’t arrange insurance. We’ve partnered with Holiday Extras to offer appropriate comprehensive travel insurance cover for our holidays. You can find the full details about the level of cover you will need here.

Health Declaration

You must complete a Health Declaration 1-3 days before your holiday. You can do this via My P&O Cruises and you’ll need to show it at the terminal/airport (this can be printed or via your mobile). It’s quick and easy to complete and asks a few simple questions such as, ‘have you shown symptoms of COVID-19 during the last 14 days?’ (you don’t need to have your full medical history to hand!). You must complete a Health Declaration for all under 18s travelling with you and you’ll be asked to complete it again at the terminal/airport.

Vaccine and testing requirements


Our vaccination and testing policy is reviewed on a regular basis as the global situation continues to evolve. At the time of travel, some ports may stipulate specific vaccine or testing policies for guests going ashore that differ from this policy.­­

All other P&O Cruises sailings on sale do not currently require guests to be vaccinated.

Proof of vaccination status

You’ll need to show proof of your vaccination status which will also be checked against your photo ID at the terminal/airport prior to boarding. This can be either in digital or printed format (a screenshot is fine) and must be an official certificate of vaccine status issued by your local health authority e.g. NHS England. Please visit your relevant NHS or local health authority website for full details of how to get an official record of your vaccine status in advance of your holiday (some authorities require up to 10 days to process applications to receive postal certificates).

The record card that is given out at the time of vaccination will not be accepted as proof of your vaccination status. Unfortunately, failure to provide proof of vaccination at the terminal/airport will result in denial of boarding at your own expense.

Please visit the following websites for more information on the acceptable formats for proof of vaccination.

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How to keep healthy before your holiday

To limit your chances of becoming unwell, we recommend you take the following precautionary measures:

  • Have close interactions only with people you’re traveling with
  • Keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) from others when in public
  • Wear a face mask while in public and during travel
  • Avoid contact with anyone you know who’s unwell and their close contacts
  • Avoid places which may be crowded such as gatherings, indoor public areas and public transport
  • Wash your hands often or use a hand sanitiser when hand washing facilities aren’t available
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or bent elbow and not into your hands. Throw used tissues in the bin and wash your hands afterwards
  • If you’re travelling to the ship with others outside of your group, such as by coach or train, wear a face mask and socially distance.

If you experience a high temperature, a new continuous cough, shortness of breath or a new loss of taste/smell within 14 days before your cruise, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 0344 338 8003 (local call charges apply).

Pre-book the things you’re most looking forward to

To help us manage social distancing on board, you’ll need to book on-board activities, such as the theatre, ahead of time. On My P&O Cruises, you can book your seat in a venue, a spa treatment, shore experiences (where applicable), drinks packages (where applicable) and more. Log into My P&O Cruises now and line up some treats for your holiday.

Things to pack 

On top of the usual holiday packing – flip flops, book, something a little special for the black tie Celebration Night – make sure you bring your face masks and hand sanitiser. You’ll also find self-serve launderettes as well as a chargeable laundry service on board, so you can always refresh your wardrobe during your holiday. Or pack more than enough outfits thanks to our limitless luggage allowance on holidays departing from Southampton.

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2. At the terminal

Terminal Checklist

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass or travel documents
  • Mobile phone so that we can deliver your test result by text message (please ensure your mobile number is correct in My P&O Cruises)
  • Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Evidence of valid travel insurance
  • Health Declaration confirmation email

At your ship’s terminal

Once you’ve completed your COVID-19 test, you’ll head into your ship’s terminal to reconfirm your Health Declaration and await the test results. You’ll need your mobile phone to receive your test result; this will be sent to you via text message. Please make sure your mobile phone number is up to date in the personal details section on My P&O Cruises. You may also be asked to provide evidence of your travel insurance at this point.

Following a negative result, your passport will be validated and you’ll be guided through the embarkation process. Peninsular Club priority check-in will be available for Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian tier guests but the Loyalty hospitality lounge won’t be open as we want guests to go through the terminal as efficiently as possible. Similarly, there won’t be any refreshments available at the terminal so you may want to bring a drink with you.

After final security checks, you’ll board your ship where your holiday can begin! Please have your boarding pass ready to scan when boarding the ship.

If you test positive unfortunately you’ll be denied boarding but you and any guests travelling from your household will be given a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) to the value of your holiday. Please note this FCC is non-refundable and isn’t ABTA or ATOL protected until a new booking is made. Any pre-cruise purchases made through My P&O Cruises will be refunded. The same would be offered to any guests you had linked bookings with. Please note, if you’d booked on-board experiences on behalf of your travelling group and they chose to continue with their holiday, they would need to rebook the experiences for themselves.

We’re aware of the new NHS guidance for close contacts which states there’s no longer a need to self-isolate if you’ve completed your vaccination course. However, the framework of approved protocols for cruise ships differs slightly to that on land and the health and well-being of all guests and crew is our priority. Therefore, if you’re identified as a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days prior to boarding, you unfortunately will not be able to travel. So that you’ve the opportunity to travel at a later date, you’ll receive a non-refundable FCC to the value of the cruise. This FCC is not ABTA or ATOL protected until a new booking is made. We’ll automatically refund any pre-cruise purchases made through My P&O Cruises.

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3. At the airport


For guests travelling on a Caribbean fly-cruise


Airport checklist

  • Passport
  • Ship e-ticket downloaded from My P&O Cruises
  • Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Evidence of negative PCR test results
  • Evidence of valid travel insurance
  • Health Declaration confirmation email
  • Evidence of Barbados Immigration and Customs form
  • Sufficient face masks for the flight duration

At the airport

Please arrive between 3 and 5 hours before your flight as you’ll need to take a complimentary COVID-19 antigen test (organised by P&O Cruises) which can take up to an hour. Your negative result will be checked alongside boarding passes, Health Declarations, vaccination statuses, evidence of Barbados Immigration and Customs form and PCR results for all guests – please have your paperwork ready! Once these checks have been satisfied, you’ll complete another Health Declaration. Don’t worry, we’ll have P&O Cruises representatives on hand to guide you through.

By testing guests in the UK, we can form a travel bubble for guests on our charter flight to the Caribbean – meaning there’s no risk you’ll be denied boarding on arrival in Barbados as all testing will have already been completed in the UK. If you test positive before your flight and are denied boarding, yourself and any guests travelling from your household will be given a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) to the value of your holiday. Please note this FCC is non-refundable and isn’t ABTA or ATOL protected until a new booking is made. Any pre-cruise purchases made through My P&O Cruises will be refunded. The same would be offered to any guests you had linked bookings with. Please note, if you’d booked on-board experiences on behalf of your travelling group and they chose to continue with their holiday, they would need to rebook the experiences for themselves.

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4. Your experience on board

Your fantastic holiday can begin! You’ll find it’s still your P&O Cruises holiday but with a few reassuring changes to protect the health and well-being of everyone on board. To find out more about dining, entertainment, on-board activities and more, click here.

Our new protocols

All guests and crew will be required to follow enhanced health and well-being measures to protect everyone on board our cruises. We're continuing to operate a 'Hands, Face, Space' system, reminding you of the importance of thorough hand washing and regular sanitising during your holiday.

You’re required to wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth (with no exemptions) in specific areas including the terminal, when moving around indoors on board and when seated in the theatre. You’re free to remove your mask when seated elsewhere around the ship, when out on deck and when exercising. We’d always recommend you regularly clean your masks and choose a good quality, ideally medical grade, standard. Please note that visors and face shields aren’t accepted as a substitute for a face mask.

Social distancing should be practiced throughout your holiday and we’ll make this simple for you with signs and crew on hand to help as well as additional aids like My Holiday to queue virtually, book reservations and more. If you’re travelling with friends and family (or make new friends on board), there’s no need to physically distance when dining together or meeting in a bar, watching a show or going on a shore experience. Shared tables are only available on request, otherwise you’ll have a table to yourself.

Public toilets will be available but we would encourage you to use your own bathroom rather than public toilets where possible.

Muster drills

Upon embarkation, one of our friendly crew members will be able to help direct you to your muster station. You’ll have your boarding pass scanned and can familiarise yourself with your muster station, ensuring you know where you need to go in the event of an emergency. When you arrive at your cabin, we ask that you watch our new safety video that will be showing on your in-cabin TV. This includes important health, well-being and safety information as well as the actions you would need to take in the unlikely event of an emergency, including a life jacket demonstration. Once this is done, you can relax, explore and enjoy everything your ship has to offer.

How to keep healthy on board

  • For the protection of everyone’s health and well-being, we recommend you take the following precautionary measures:
  • Have close interactions only with your travelling party
  • Keep a physical distance of at least 1 metre from other guests
  • Remain vigilant and report any COVID-19 symptoms to the Medical team straight away
  • If you’re contacted by NHS Test and Trace whilst on board please contact the Medical team immediately.

All our ships have 24/7 medical centres staffed by experienced doctors and nurses to help support your health needs.

Facilities and venues that won’t be available

Unfortunately, the following will not be available but we are providing alternatives where possible:

In our children’s club, The Reef, children will be put into cohorts with scheduled sessions they can join throughout their holiday. Your child will visit the club with the same group of children and only join the sessions scheduled for their cohort. Our numbers will be limited so we recommend registering on My P&O Cruises before your holiday to avoid disappointment. You can register your child, aged two to 17,  for The Reef from 15 days before your holiday; please complete the form here. Unfortunately, the nursery and night nursery are not currently in operation. For children attending Splashers aged 2-4, we require one parent/guardian to supervise their child whilst using these facilities to protect their health and safety whilst on board. All children aged 5+ and above will need to wear a face mask in The Reef and our teams will regularly encourage social distancing and hand washing.

The spa will be open and we can’t wait to soothe any stresses away with a massage or relaxing facial. Please note, some spa facilities such as the Hydrotherapy pools and sauna may not be available. Please visit the spa reception for the latest updates.

With a smart phone, everyone’s a photographer these days! Make sure you brush up on your selfie skills and bring your camera; we won’t have professional photographers on board for the time being.

Holiday your way with My Holiday

We’re excited to introduce our digital pocket-planner, My Holiday – your very own pocket planner. You can access it once on board free of charge using the ship’s Wi-Fi on your mobile phone or tablet, and you’ll have the power to personalise your experience from the comfort of your cabin, sun lounger, wherever! Want to book a seat for a show? View your on-board account summary? Make a dining reservation? You can browse the restaurants and make bookings for your entire holiday. For restaurants that allow walk-ins or offer Freedom dining, you typically go to the restaurant and queue for a table but with My Holiday, you can join the queue from anywhere on the ship and only head to the restaurant when your table is ready. It’s never been easier to holiday your way…

If you don’t have your own device and can’t use My Holiday, we do have a My Holiday desk on board where we can assist. You’ll find details of how to contact the My Holiday desk when you’re on board.

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5. Going ashore

You can explore each intriguing destination either through a shore experience or independently.

It’s your responsibility when travelling from the Common Travel Area to adhere to the local travel restrictions that apply when travelling in and out of England for departures from Southampton. If you embark the ship at a port outside of the UK, it’s your responsibility to meet all entry requirements for that country at the time of sailing. We can’t accept responsibility if you’re denied entry to a country because you don’t meet its entry requirements.

During your holiday, destinations and venues ashore on your itinerary may have various documentation requirements. You’re responsible for meeting the entry requirements of each destination and any venues you may visit ashore, regardless of whether you’ve booked a P&O Cruises shore experience or are exploring independently. Please retain your proof of vaccination status throughout your holiday and keep this to hand when going ashore in case it is required.

If tests are needed to go ashore on your holiday, we can organise this on board. Tests are available to purchase - £18 per antigen test and £25 per PCR test. Currently, the majority of ports we visit this year don’t require testing but you can find out more in our new A-Z destination guide. All requirements are subject to change.

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6. Returning home

We’d like to remind you that it's important to stay up to date with the latest travel requirements relating to all aspects of your holiday. It is your responsibility to organise and complete all documentation and testing requirements, therefore please ensure you are aware of, and compliant with, the latest government guidance for travelling. This includes travel to your port of embarkation and your return home. The guidance may change with little warning. For the latest government guidance click here.

  • You must complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) prior to arriving in the UK.
    Please note: Whilst the government website for most forms of travel states that the PLF must be completed within 48hrs of your return to the UK, if you input that you are arriving into Southampton Docks and then P&O Cruises, it can be completed up to 21 days in advance. So that you don't need to worry about doing this during your holiday, we strongly recommend (where possible) you complete this form prior to your departure. You’ll be asked if you have completed the PLF at the terminal before you board.

    The online form can take some time to complete. You’ll need:
    - Your passport details or the travel document you’ll use when you arrive at the UK border
    - Your travel details, including times and dates
    - The address where you’ll stay on arrival into the UK (if applicable)
    - Booking reference number and the name of the test provider for any COVID-19 tests you must take after arriving in the UK

More details on how to fill out the PLF are available here.

  • If you’re travelling on a fly-cruise holiday, you must complete the PLF within 48 hours prior to arriving in the UK. You can set up an account before your holiday and enter some of your details giving you a head start. You’ll need a data-enabled device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) to complete the form. We do have some facilities for those that don’t own a suitable device.
  • The UK government also requires that organise a COVID-19 test to take within 48 hours after returning home. This applies to all guests aged five years and over who are staying in the UK after their holiday. It’s essential you book your day two test in advance of your holiday as you need to provide the booking reference on the PLF.

It’s your responsibility to organise and complete the returning to the UK requirements.

We can’t wait to welcome you on board

We know there’s a lot to take in but we’ll make sure every step is plain sailing. These reassuring changes ensure we can bring you a wonderful P&O Cruises holiday while protecting the well-being of everyone on board. When you see the crew, settle into your cabin and head to the deck to gaze out over the shimmering waters, you’ll quickly settle back into holiday mode. We can’t wait to see you.

We are constantly reviewing the guidance and will regularly update our website with any changes. Please visit this page to make sure you’re up to date with the very latest information.

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