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Kat Farmer

Kat Farmer


First and foremost, you should know that I’m ridiculously obsessed with fashion. But not in what perhaps many people will assume is a pure vanity project. I’ve made it my life’s mission to make others believe and understand that they deserve to look in the mirror and love the person they see looking back at them. It’s my job to give people the tools and confidence to make a change and appreciate that feeling great every day is something everyone deserves. How we go about that, we’ll come onto shortly (and in my masterclasses on board) but in the meantime, who am I?

Kat Farmer

I’m a fashion stylist who isn’t a slave to trends and believes no one ever should be. Using social media and in person workshops, I’ve been helping women and men find their own style for more than a decade. One that they’re comfortable with and one that they can maintain with little effort and a smaller budget. To fight the dreaded conundrum of ‘so many clothes, yet nothing to wear’, I teach that you need to build up a wardrobe of clothes that you love and that you know you look great in.


I was a Stylist on the BBC1 show You Are What You Wear, and I also present the fashion on This Morning – where we use real models and affordable, wearable clothes, debunking the myth that fashion isn’t for everyone. 

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I’m passionate in my mission to prove that fashion is something that we all have an interest in, whether you think you do or not. If you wear clothes, ‘fashion’ is something that applies to you. Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing some invaluable tips and tricks to prove that it’s just as easy to put on a great outfit as it is to put on a not-so-great one. And in my Wellbeing and Lifestyle masterclasses on board, I’ll be breaking down fashion into bite-size pieces, so that you can easily learn to always love what you’re wearing.

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