Sarah Gorman


I‘d like to begin by introducing myself and to also say a huge hello to all past and future guests. 


I’m a 47-year-old business owner, single mum of three (plus my dog!) and fitness professional. I’ve got a good understanding of how difficult finding time to focus on yourself can be, and, like many people my age, I’m feeling and seeing changes in my body and mindset. I want to help others relieve some of those symptoms and issues and help to build strength and positivity from the inside out.

My personal fitness philosophy is that exercise should be fun. Yes, you need to work hard to get results, but for me, it has to come with an element of joy. I’ve created the blendfit method over the past 15 years to provide an eclectic approach to training; blending disciplines to create energetic and fun classes to get people strong, mobile, fit and healthy.


By blending various disciplines together into one class you can effectively train your entire body and mind, making you feel like you’ve given focus to your whole self. 

When I hear people talk about their fitness, I tend to hear the phrase “after my holiday I’ll get back on it.” But by giving yourself this ultimatum, you’re setting yourself up for a possible fall. What if you don’t get back on it? Have you therefore failed?


Over time, we’ve made ourselves tonnes of promises that aren’t always achievable. My suggestion is that in the lead up to any holidays, you try to continue with what makes you feel good. Move your body in whatever ways you can, even if that means not making your usual quota of classes or gym visits, but that you’ve simply walked more. Then make some realistic and achievable goals for when you get home.

A cruise holiday is a time to reset and reframe yourself and your goals. I’m a huge fan of being kind and gentle with yourself and making small, consistent steps towards glowing good health. That’s why I don’t go in for the big detox, diet or radical overhaul thing.


I’ve found from my years of coaching clients in fitness and nutrition that those dramatic all-or-nothing plans rarely last for long – and it’s the cumulative effect of small, consistent steps that add up to lasting changes. The main thing is laying the foundations. Think of it as a clean sweep before you start building new dietary and exercise habits.

Try to build up these healthy habits week by week so that they become part of your routine, rather than trying to do everything at once. To begin with, find a sport or exercise that you want to do (and that makes you happy) as you’ll have more chance of sticking with it instead of finding excuses as to why you can’t. And with gyms, wide open spaces and sports courts on board P&O Cruises ships, you might even feel the urge to get your movement fix while you’re on holiday.

Shot of a group of people having a yoga session on the beach