Scandinavia Cruise Holidays

The scenery in Scandinavia is among the most dramatic on the planet, and our cruises in this region are complemented with stops in spellbinding cities. You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re at the end of the Earth. Wherever you decide to head, awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders are in store.

Scandinavia Cruise Holiday Highlights

Cruising even further north you can experience the ‘top of the world’ with a journey beyond the Arctic Circle. Viking settlements dot the landscape and Inuit and Norse history is brought to life within museum walls.

Evening fjord cruises through some of the region’s most breathtaking sights. These unique Fjord cruises allow you to truly appreciate the pre-historic magnitude of these ice carved inlets with their spectacular waterfalls. Cruising down the fjords is an experience like no other.

Explore Scandinavia on a Cruise Holiday

When it comes to food, Scandinavians know a thing or two. The craze for all things ‘Scandi’ or Nordic in the food world began with Danish chef René Redzepi, who established the now world-famous Noma (short for Nordisk mad – Nordic food) in Copenhagen back in 2003. From Reykjavik to Helsinki and at all other major Scandinavian ports in between, the ‘New Nordic’ food scene is red-hot. And it’s not only high-end restaurants where you can sample great Scandi grub. The effect is filtering down to more wallet-friendly cafés, street stalls and markets…

Reasons to visit Scandinavia on a cruise holiday

Incredible Ports

From tranquil fjords to windswept islands, medieval walled towns to stylish modern cities, and ancient Viking treasure to cutting-edge contemporary design, discover a fascinating and vibrant blend of scenery, cultures and cuisines where East meets West.

Nordic Cuisine

For a decade now, a ‘New Nordic Food Movement’ has been sweeping Scandinavia and the Baltic. A cuisine inspired by the region’s pristine landscapes (twigs and rocks often adorn the plates), the emphasis is on local ingredients cooked in traditional ways, but with a technical skill worthy of the most wayward molecular gastronomist.

Spectacular Scenery

In the towns and cities of Iceland and Norway, colourful waterfront buildings are surrounded by spectacular scenery. Take to the streets and uncover the beauty of Bergen with its charming 11th-century wooden buildings, the Art Nouveau architecture of Ålesund, or Reykjavik with its Modernist wonders and city-centre lake.