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The making of Greatest Days

A lot of work went in behind the scenes to make this show what it is - a touching story designed to entertain guests and bring a feel-good factor on board. From the first moment the cast read the script to the final rehearsal and live performances, each member gave every performance their all, and their own excitement about the play (and singing Take That songs) really shines through.


Take That even made a guest appearance at the final rehearsal! The band members loved how our Headliners cast brought the story to life and gave it meaning. In that last rehearsal, there were smiles all round, and they've stayed throughout the live stage performances on board.

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so!

This exclusive show has stirred excitement in the cast from the very first rehearsal to their debut performance and beyond. Each handpicked performer plays a vital role in ensuring this feel-good adaptation captures your heart on board Arvia, and their love for the show comes across every time.


As one of our cast members Karl put it:


"We get paid to do what we love, which is really lovely; there's no other job in the world that lets you travel and perform for a living. And the production is really special because it kind of pulls everyone's heartstrings and people relate to it in their own specific way."

Take That even came to watch the final rehearsal...

On the day of the final rehearsal, the cast and crew of Headliners Theatre Company were in for a surprise. After weeks of hard work, the dazzling new stage production was ready to move from shore to ship.


As director James Robert Moore and choreographer Ian West made final preparations for the premier in Arvia's Headliners Theatre, Take That trio Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen dropped into the Southampton studios to meet the team and cheer them on. Here's what the band had to say about the exclusive show:

'We were very excited about the idea of putting this show on board when it came up. It's one thing as an idea but when you see it with people playing the roles, singing so well, acting so well, it's just really exciting. The audience are in for a real treat when they see this.'