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The rooftops of Santorini

Gazing out over blue-domed roofs and whitewashed houses set against rocky cliffs and the deep-blue sea, you could only be in the Cyclades. What was once a government mandate (the Greek military dictatorship of 1967 imposed the white and blue painting of buildings as a sign of patriotism to represent the colours of the flag) has now become one of the defining features of the islands, particularly Oia in Santorini. After you’ve captured your Instagram moment, why not relax on the dazzling black volcanic sand and crystalline waters of Perissa Beach? The Village of Oia and Swim shore experience can bring you to both.

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Blue Bar on board

Cool, classic and contemporary – Blue Bar on Britannia and Azura perfectly matches its namesake colour. It’s set just off the atrium on both ships, making it an ideal spot to meet up with family and friends for a pre-dinner glass of Champagne or a post-dinner cocktail. Sit back and relax as guests mingle about the ship and the blue sea floats by outside.


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Iceland’s ethereal Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is like a scene from a mythical dreamland. The lagoon gets its milky-aqua hue from the way light reflects off the silica in the water and looks all the more surreal in its dramatic setting of fields of black lava. It’s powered by geothermally heated seawater, which is pumped from 2,000 metres below the ground before it’s released into the lagoon to simmer at a comfortable 37-39 degrees Centigrade. Beyond being beautiful, the waters are beneficial, too – the silica, microalgae, minerals and steam do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Immerse yourself in the Bathing in the Blue Lagoon shore experience from Reykjavik.

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The colourful houses (and the local tipple) of Curaçao

Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad, is quite literally a sight for sore eyes: it’s alleged that the rainbow-hued rows of Dutch-style buildings for which the island is famed were painted when a former governor complained of headaches caused by the glare of the sun off the white stucco of the original buildings. The architecture dazzles in a kaleidoscope of colours, including bright blues that match another of the island’s famous features, Blue Curaçao, a liqueur flavoured with the local citrus fruit laraha.


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Scenes of Curaçao and Beach
Take in some of Curaçao’s most stunning scenery, taste the island’s famous tipple and enjoy time to relax on a heavenly beach. Relax on a panoramic drive that takes you through the colourful Otrobanda quarter of Willemstad, where your guide will point out numerous historic landmarks. Admire serene St Anna Bay, which divides the city in two, sip different varieties of the famous local drink at Landhuis Chobolobo – home of Curaçao liqueur – and to round off your island experience, take a scenic drive by the spectacular Spanish Waters area to glorious Mambo Beach, where you’ll have free time to spend at your leisure. Stroll on the soft, white sand. Swim in the warm, turquoise sea. Or simply bask in the golden sunshine. 

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The sea

It almost goes without saying, but the sea is the star on a P&O Cruises holiday, be it the brilliant turquoise of the Caribbean, the crystal-clear cerulean of the Norwegian fjords, the deep cobalt of the Mediterranean or a million shades in between. Research has shown that being near the colour blue has positive benefits on mental and physical health, as we associate the colour with feelings of calm and peace. Additionally, staring out to sea can have a mild meditative effect on our brains. So when it comes to a P&O Cruises holiday, maybe feeling blue isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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