Athens Panorama

  • Port

    Athens (tours from Piraeus), Greece

  • Activity Level


  • Activity Type

    Excursion Types

  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Cost From


    GBP50.0 Per Person

  • Minimum Age


  • Duration

    Approximately 3.30 hours.

  • Meals Included


Can’t manage the steep walk up to the Acropolis? You can still admire the architectural wonder, as well as many other historic monuments, during this panoramic tour of Athens.

Gaze up at the Acropolis from a perfectly placed viewpoint. Marvel at the grand Propylea gateway, the iconic Temple of Athena Nike and the majestic hilltop Parthenon, then browse the nearby shops for mementos of this awe-inspiring place.  

As you journey through the city, behold the imposing Temple of Olympian Zeus, a gargantuan structure that took 700 years to build. Recharge with some refreshments at a local venue and take in several more landmarks including historic Constitution Square and the beautiful Lord Byron Monument. Stop for photos at the magnificent Panathenaic Stadium, which hosted the first modern Olympics in 1896.