Secrets of The Rock

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    Excursion Types

  • Wheelchair Accessible


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    GBP32.0 Per Person

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  • Duration

    Approximately 3.30 hours.

  • Meals Included


Discover the breathtaking sights from both inside and outside the Rock.

Ride the cable car to the very top of the Rock to marvel at the incredible views of mainland Spain, and across the Strait of Gibraltar to the North Coast of Africa.

Follow your guide on a leisurely stroll down to St Michael’s Cave and descend the steps into this subterranean wonderland, where stalactites and stalagmites hang from the ceiling, illuminated in vibrant colours.

Meet the cheeky ‘Rock Apes’ (they’re actually barbary macaque monkeys) and hear the fascinating secrets of the Great Siege Tunnels as you explore what is possibly the most impressive defence system devised by man.