Glacier Hiking from Olden

This hike on the arm of mainland Europe’s largest glacier is balm for the soul – there will come a moment when you’re stood on the top of Tystigbreen Glacier, looking out all you can see is white stillness and you will feel as tranquil as an untouched river. Expert guides have devised the perfect itinerary so that you’ll feel challenged, awed and invincible, on repeat. First, you’ll ride the gondola up to the mountains, before conquering the path that climbs 800 feet up to the face of the river. After that, you’ll continue on to what for most people is a once-in-a-lifetime glacier hike. And instructors will be with you every step of the way, sharing fascinating insider knowledge as you trudge onwards on this unforgettable adventure.


A lake in the valley has been turned a rich, deep green by the river pouring down the mountains from the vast, million-years-old Briksdal Glacier. Giant waterfalls also cascade down making the views even more spectacular as you travel through the valley to the foot of the glacier - one of the offshoots of the vast Jostedal Glacier now designated as a national park. Other tours head overland to the inner Nordfjord area with its wind-blown rocks, towering mountains and verdant valleys. Also in the area are folk and glacier museums, a skiing centre on the glacier plateau and northern Europe's deepest lake - Hornindalsvatnet.

Norwegian Fjords

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