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You can ease into your holiday, taking time to reconnect with the things you love and the people you love to do them with. Plus, you can bring as much luggage as you like, and relax knowing your bags are all taken care of as soon as you arrive at the terminal. By the time you arrive at your destination, you’re relaxed, energised and ready to explore. Carry on that laid-back feeling with these five hand-picked shore experiences in some of the world’s sunniest destinations.

1. Kayak around Mallorca's coastline

Mallorca’s sandy beaches and azure waters are rightly celebrated – and a kayak trip around some of the island’s loveliest coastline is the perfect way to appreciate them. Setting off from Palma Nova, this guided experience will give you the opportunity to paddle along the Platja de Magaluf and on, past the rocky headland that protects the bay. Away from the busy beaches, you can swim, snorkel or just enjoy the drama of this wonderful stretch of coast.


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2. Paddleboard in Gibraltar

The Rock is Gibraltar’s most iconic landmark, a rugged monolith that dominates the landscape. See it from a new angle on a stand-up paddleboarding experience, where a guide will lead you out into the sheltered waters of Sandy Bay. Enjoy open-water paddling and explore the caves and caverns that cut deeply into the towering limestone cliffs. The water around Gibraltar is also a haven for marine wildlife, so keep an eye out for seabirds, dolphins or sunfish. Back on dry land, you may even see troupes of wild Barbary macaques darting around on the rocks and trees.


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3. Take a dip in a natural bathing pool in Madeira

Six thousand years ago, an eruption on Madeira’s volcanic coast combined with the Atlantic Ocean to create wonderful natural bathing pools. Surrounded by towering, dark mountains, the pools are a unique place to take a dip – there is a family-friendly area for those with children or, for a swim on the wild side, opposite Ilhéu Mole, there is a pool that is entirely undeveloped, where the ocean waves roll over its rocky edges. Relax in the water and then explore the nearby village of Porto Moniz or hike into the lush slopes above it.


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4. Step back in time in La Graciosa

A visit to the island of La Graciosa can feel like a step back in time: there are no cars and no real roads, only 500 people live there and, although just a couple of miles from Lanzarote, it feels much further. Its beaches are golden, the sea is turquoise, and the island is part of Europe’s largest marine reserve, so its waters teem with life, making it a superb snorkelling destination. Enjoy a bike ride – the only way to travel – down one of its many tracks and appreciate the solitude and tranquillity of this quiet corner of the Canaries.


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View of beach in Tenerife from above

5. Spot marine wildlife aboard a catamaran in Tenerife

Few experiences are more life-affirming than seeing a whale or dolphin in the wild. The crystal-clear waters off the southern shores of Tenerife are an excellent place to try and spot them, with over 20 different species seen in the area, including bottlenose and spotted dolphins, orca, sperm whales and even giant blue whales. Hop aboard a catamaran with an experienced crew who will take you to the places where you’re most likely to see these gentle giants, then sip a cold drink and soak up the views. You’ll also have a chance to dive in and swim around your boat in a nature reserve.


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