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Whether you want to explore ancient ruins in the Mediterranean, bask in the beauty of Scandinavia or immerse yourself in new ways of life on an unforgettable World Cruise, a P&O Cruises holiday brings you closer to life-changing cultural experiences. Dive in and see the world in a new way…

Aerial view of city

1. Mediterranean

The historic Med

With its irresistible combination of fabulous food and wine, glorious architecture and historic cities, the Mediterranean is a powerhouse of culture. It’s certainly heaven for those who like to journey back in time – where else can you visit so many ancient ruins and bucket-list heritage sites? Explore Pompeii from Naples, see the magnificence of the Colosseum up close in Rome, visit the imposing Acropolis in Athens and take the obligatory ‘holding up the tower’ photo in Pisa.


For the foodies

Those who like to taste culture are in for a treat in the Mediterranean. Italy alone has given the world cannoli, pesto, truffles and pizza (to name but a few). Greece’s culinary culture dates back thousands of years and boasts delectable dishes including moussaka, tzatziki, souvlaki and baklava. Spain is high on any foodie’s radar – savour beachside paella in Valencia or browse Barcelona’s La Boqueria food market. And France is all about indulgence: wine, cheese, bread. When in Nice (tours from Cannes), enjoy a stroll through the old town, buttery pâtisserie in hand.


Artistic centres

The Med is also home to some of the world’s greatest art. Barcelona is a temple to renowned architect Antoni Gaudí – stroll the streets and admire the Sagrada Família and Park Güell. The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona and Fundació Joan Miró are also worth a visit. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and a must-see for any art lover. You could easily spend days at the Uffizi Gallery alone, exploring works by da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli.


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Sky view of Rome Colosseum and surroundings

2. Scandinavia and Northern Europe

Fairytales and innovation

Scandinavia is like a fairy-tale come to life. Feast your eyes on incredible artworks and architecture – think Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue. Helsinki is a design-lover’s dream: the city boasts some of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture with the central train station and National Theatre being prime examples. Be sure to also visit the Design Museum, a treasure trove of Finnish design.


A vibrant food scene

The food scene in Scandinavia has boomed in recent years. When in Oslo, you can’t go wrong with seafood – smoked salmon and tørrfisk (air-dried cod) are good bets. Or refuel with a coffee (café culture is huge in Oslo) and kanelboller (cinnamon bun). In Hamburg, don’t leave without sampling the famous bratwurst, best washed down with a refreshing German beer. Estonian cuisine is a new star on the scene, with chefs in Tallinn combining traditional dishes with modern flavours and techniques.


Captivating capitals

For uniquely beautiful experiences, Scanidanvia is hard to beat. Copenhagen’s world-famous Tivoli Gardens has been delighting visitors since 1843, including the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and its sights are perhaps best seen from the water.


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City of Copenhagen, Denmark

3. World Cruise

Captivating Caribbean and the USA

A World Cruise is an epic adventure like no other. A 99-night odyssey taking in 25+ ports. First stop after crossing the Atlantic is the Caribbean and the Americas. Paradise ports such as Barbados and Cabo San Lucas are so much more than sun, surf and sand (though they certainly do that well). Head into the cosmopolitan cruise ports to discover the local way of life. San Francisco is a shining example of American culture. Ride the tram, taste your way through Fisherman’s Wharf and visit the Haight-Ashbury district for a time warp back to the swinging 60s.


Awesome Australasia

Next up is the South Pacific. Get a taste of Samoan culture in Apia, where you can enjoy a traditional Samoan meal and watch locals create handicrafts. New Zealand’s Bay of Islands with 150 undeveloped islands and turquoise waters greets you. You’ll find the Maori culture in abundance in this region, with several museums and fine examples of the culture to explore. From there it’s on to Sydney. From the Harbour Bridge to the Opera House to the indigenous flora and fauna, this world city is full of ‘wow’ moments – be sure to have your camera at the ready.


Awe-insiring Asia and the Middle East

The 99-night itinerary visits a number of exciting Asian ports. Be dazzled by the bright lights of Hong Kong, where you can indulge in dim sum and explore the city’s diverse neighbourhoods on foot. Colombo is rich with beautiful temples and bustling bazaars. While you’re here, a visit to the sacred city of Kandy is a must. Muscat is the meeting point of Asian, African and Arabic civilizations and this unique blend of cultures makes Oman a special place to visit and explore.


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