How to make the most of your travel memories


Having not been able to travel for some time, we’re putting our holiday memories to good use to plan our future adventures...

There’s no substitute for feeling the hot sun on your face as you gaze upon a new and captivating vista. The same goes for wandering new streets, trying new cuisines and feeling your adrenalin spike as you embark on an untried activity. And having been denied these experiences for some time now, our travel memories are now sweeter than ever.

Get a taster of your travels

While your travel plans take shape, why not rekindle some favourite holiday memories by learning to cook something that reminds you of a much-loved destination? A simple recipe of spaghetti a la Norma will transport you to Sicily, or you could try your hand at a Neapolitan pizza or Greek souvlaki kebabs.

Be snap happy

There’s nothing more impactful than printed photographs to serve as a reminder of a place that holds treasured memories. Print your digital photos from your favourite holidays and make scrapbooks or photo collages with them.

Seek literary inspiration  

There’s nothing like a good book to inspire future travels. Pick one based in a destination you’ve always wanted to see to get a sense of it from the pages. This also works if you’re planning to explore new ports you've not considered before; be transported to the shimmering heart of Corfu in Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals or experience the beauty and history of Crete in Victoria Hislop’s The Island. And if you’re missing the excitement of being on board, try Milly Johnson’s Here Come the Girls.

Be #TogetherInSpirit

To feel truly Together In Spirit, get back in touch with friends you’ve made on past cruise holidays. One of the best things about the past months is how much better connected we’ve all become. Take advantage of this to rekindle old friendships and reminisce about your favourite travel memories. Whether your next great escape is with family, loved ones or friends, use video calls to make plans together. Then raise a glass to making new memories together in real life.