Same-sex couples can now tie the knot at sea with P&O Cruises


P&O Cruises is proud to be one of the first British cruise lines to be able to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies at sea. Vicky Marno and Siobhan Crosby are the first same-sex couple to book their on-board wedding. Here, Vicky reveals why they jumped at the chance to celebrate their big day on Azura.

Vicky and Siobhan in Gran Canaria

Vicky and Siobhan will be the first same-sex couple to wed on a P&O Cruises ship

Following a recent Supreme Court ruling that enabled same-sex marriages in Bermuda (where all the ships in our fleet, except Britannia, are registered), P&O Cruises is delighted to offer same-sex couples the chance to tie the knot at sea.


The first couple planning to take the plunge on board are Vicky Marno, 26, and Siobhan Crosby, 28, from Skegness, who will tie the knot on a Caribbean cruise on Azura in January. After a romantic proposal in Cyprus in November 2015, the couple started planning their nuptials and a cruise was top of their minds.


'I went on a cruise about five years ago with my family,' says Vicky. 'When we were on board, we saw a wedding party and my mum said it looked like a nice thing to do. So when Siobhan and I got engaged, we just thought: "Why not?"'


'We wanted to be different,' Vicky says. 'We also wanted nice weather and in the UK, you can never guarantee it! One of our first thoughts, believe it or not, was that we wanted to get married on an elephant,' she laughs. 'But it turns out there are strict laws around that.'


When the couple first booked their cruise last April, they thought their wedding would be purely ceremonial, as the laws in Bermuda hadn't yet changed to allow same-sex marriage. However, they had every faith the tides would soon turn. 'I'm a bit of a researcher, so I discovered that things were happening in Bermuda that might make same-sex marriage legal by the time we were meant to be married. Nothing happened for a while, but when I checked again earlier this year I found out the law had changed.'

Wedding rings with a white rose

P&O Cruises offer Weddings At Sea packages from only £1,200

Same-sex couples can now purchase a P&O Cruises Weddings at Sea package, which costs from £1,200 and includes a venue, a romantic ceremony at sea conducted by the captain, floral arrangements, a photographer, music, licence fees and much more. Part of the appeal for Vicky and Siobhan was having a wedding coordinator at their service. 'It's been brilliant. We didn't want the stress of planning and we've hardly had to do anything ourselves yet, which is really good,' says Vicky.


The fact that Vicky's whole family had such a great time on their previous cruise also contributed to the couple's choice of venue. 'We enjoyed our last cruise so much, so we thought we'd tie in another family holiday with our wedding.' Several of the couple's family members will be joining them on board for their nuptials, including Siobhan's mum and sister and Vicky's mum, dad, sister and uncle. 


Another draw was that the couple could also honeymoon in some seriously spectacular destinations. 'The reason we chose the date – the 18th – for the actual ceremony is because the following day we're in Grand Turk. I've been there before and the place is just beautiful – it's very picturesque and romantic, with the clearest sea you've ever seen. That'll be the first day of our honeymoon and we're planning to just relax and soak up the sun,' says Vicky.


However, this adventurous couple won't be idle for long. 'We love doing different things, so we've been looking at excursions and planning quite a lot that we're going to do. River tubing, zip-lining, kayaking, that kind of thing.'


While Vicky modestly plays down the notion that she and Siobhan are trailblazers, she does feel proud of their pioneering status and hopes other couples soon follow suit. 'It feels great to be the first same-sex couple to get married on board, and it's about time! We're in the 21st century and it's only right that everybody has equal opportunities,' she says. 'I think this change will attract lots of other couples to get married on board a cruise ship, as unfortunately it's still not legal in all countries. Since the ship is registered in a country that allows same-sex marriage, it will give couples more options for marriage abroad, particularly in exotic locations.'


From the stress-free planning and presence of their loved ones to all the wonderful adventures they have lined up, Vicky and Siobhan's big day with P&O Cruises has all the elements of a dream wedding. Minus the elephant, of course.

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